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Job Description

Established July7th, 2017, the Civil Service Development Institute (henceforth CSDI) has one office in Taipei and the other in Nantou. CSDI is the only comprehensive training organization under the Executive Yuan dedicated to the training of civil servants from the Executive Yuan and local agencies. Its major responsibilities are summarized as follows:

1.To offer on-the-job training for middle and high-ranked civil servants.

2.To orchestrate workshops on Executive Yuan’s important policies, laws and decrees.

3.To design and execute personnel staff training.

4.To implement e-learning and life-long learning programs.

5.To plan and execute collaboration programs with other related organizations at home and abroad.

6.To study the management and development of human resources for civil services.



Organizational Structure

CSDI is designed to recruit an authorized personnel of 91 and budget 86, currently 83 aged at an average of 42.7, including 47 post-graduate degree holders. The organization chart is shown below:


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