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  CSDI is the first training institute to outsource public assets in Taiwan, and remains one of the most successful cases to date. The action resulted in successful introduction of business operation concepts and hotel management styles into the public sector, and also helped the institute achieve financial break-even goal.
  The open tendering procedures of our facilities management outsourcing began in 1999. After the whole evaluation operations, the Howard International Group selected by committee as the most advantageous tender in 2000 and signed the outsourcing contract. The trial operation started in April 2001. From Jan. 2001 to Dec. 2010, in a 10- year operational period, CSDI won several awards. It is also the best example of organizational restructuring. In 2009, a new round of tendering procedures began, and the Howard International Group was once again selected as the most advantageous tender, so both parties signed another ten-year (2011 to 2021) concession agreement in 2010. Within 11 years, there would be a reduction of US$38 million in personnel cost and US$43 million in maintenance and operation cost, and an increase of government revenue of US$26 million. As a result, the total benefit would amount to US$107 million.
  After more than a decade, CSDI has established a partnership of mutual trust and interests with the Howard International Group. Financial break-even has been achieved, and we can now provide more and better training programs. Our organization and the Howard International Group have become a community center, taking up “adopt-a-park” and “adopt-a-street” programs, providing discounts to residents to access the facilities and organizing free events for them. On November 11, 2013, CSDI won the 11th Golden Thumb Award of excellence for the public sector. Howard also received an excellent rating of Private Sector Operation Team Award.
  The facilities management outsourcing has significantly changed the structure of our organization, including:
Facilitating organizational change
Our employees focus on the core business of developing training programs, introducing new pedagogies, and integrating on-line technologies into our training programs. Our training programs have been significantly improved both in quality and quantity.
Creating an all-win situation
The performance of the site operator has won acclaim. Its hospitality professionalism and high quality of service have not only helped boost the level of service provided to trainees, it has also improved the effectiveness of our training programs. The government, the site operator, trainees, and residents are all beneficiaries of this outsourcing deal.

  Our operation and management model has become a public-private partnership case example in Asia. We have received domestic and international visitors from governments and corporations, who were interested in building a partnership of mutual trust and interests between public and private sectors.

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