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CSDI Facilities

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Location and Facilities:

Location Map


The CSDI occupies an area of 13,015 square meters at the intersection of Shin-Sheng South Road and Shin-Hai Road in Taipei City. The new building, with 14 stories above ground and three stories below ground, has floor space of 43,665 square meters. The design of the building takes into account the principles of rational use of space, a user-friendly environment, economic efficiency, and practicality. The complex is divided into areas for administration, instruction, conferencing, residential life, leisure, and public use. A more detailed description of each of these areas follows.


 floor plan


Administration area:

This includes modernized office space, and briefing rooms.

Briefing Room Office Space


 Instructional area:

This includes two lecture halls (one with a capacity of 41, the other of 78), a seminar room with a capacity of 48, and 13 classrooms (one with capacity of 48,two each of 42, and ten each of 30). There are also one 36-seat computer labs, as well as a "potential development room" with a capacity of 30. In sum, there are 19 separate rooms available for learning programs, with a total capacity of 707 persons.

classroom seminar room


Conference area:

This includes a 740-seat convention hall, as well as an international conference center with a capacity of 210. These can be used for all types of meetings, academic conferences, and even small-scale performances.

Convention Hall A

Convention Hall B


Residence area:

There are 200 single rooms, 80 double rooms, and a 200-seat cafeteria. In addition, this area includes suites for distinguished visitors or guest lecturers, and a briefing room.


Guest Room A

Guest Room B


Leisure area:

A variety of facilities enable staff and trainees to relax outside of the daily curriculum. It includes a 25-meter long, five-lane heated swimming pool, a gymnasium, a ping-pong and billiards room, a social room, a library, and a small shop. 

Business Center

Swimming Pool


Public facilities:

The center includes an underground parking garage with 268 spaces, an open-air stage, a landscaped outdoor area, and a strolling path.

Outdoor Area

Strolling Path

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