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Gongguan shopping area
Gongguan shopping area

Gongguan shopping area is constituted by Roosevelt Road, Ting Zhou Road, Shinshan South Road and Keelung Road. It is the most popular shopping are in southern Taipei city. Taiwan University and Taiwan Normal University are all around the area. Since Roosevelt Road is the main route to south-east Taipei city and the MRT can reach to Jingmei, Mucha, and Xindian, this area becomes a very important transportation hub. On the other hand, it is also a place for students of Shih Shin University, Chengchi University and Jingmei Girl High School to take buses or MRT. The influx of students brings countless business opportunities. The area is the best for students to do their leisure time.

How to go
Turn right after out of Civil Service Development Center. Keep south and follow the direction of Shinshan South Road. At the end of Shinshan South Road, turn left on Roosevelt Road. Turn right at Roosevelt Road third section 316 alley and arrive. Traveling time is around 10 mintues.

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