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Yongkang shopping area
Yongkang shopping area

Yongkang shopping area is constituted mainly by Yongkang Street. It extends to Xinyi Road, Lishui Street, Jinhua Street and Shinshan South Road. Yongkang shopping area has the reputation on food. Most tourists to Taipei will come to this area for tasting the gourmet. The most famous beef noodle soup, noodle soup and other food are gathered near the Yongkang Park. The famous Yongkang beef noodles, Din Tai Fung which is well-know overseas, and mango ice cream which is added Taiwan most famous fruit, mango, keep coming to this area, as well as the various food, the exotic cuisine and high-price restaurants. Many antiques, clothes, toys, cloth, and personalized stores are all over between Yongkang Street and Lishui Street. The rich artistic atmosphere builds charming Yongkang shopping area.

How to go
Turn left after out of Civil Service Development Center. Keep north and follow Shinshan South Road. Cross Ho Pin East Road and keep straight till Shinshan South Road, section 2. Turn left at 7 Alley at Yongkang Street. Keep walking on Yongkang and will arrive. The traveling time is around 17 minutes.

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