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Shida Night Market
Shida Night Market

Unlike traditional night market, Shida night market is a place full of diversities and unique cultural atmosphere. Beside Shida Road, there is Shida park which has many people at night. Young people will perform modern dance or singing at the open theater. Moreover, there is a market full of creative stuff. Young people express their culture and create happiness over there. For satisfying the students, the restaurants at the night market not only provide low price but also large volume of food. Since there are many foreign students who come to Normal University to learn Chinese, the exotic cuisine has gradually become the distinguish feature in this area. The university students like shopping so there are many vendors in Longchan Street selling trinkets and seasonal clothes to meet students’ demands. The unique styles are really attractive. Therefore, Shida night market becomes the originality of students’ creativity.

How to go
Turn left and walk toward north after out of Civil Service Development Center. Turn left on 22 Alley, Shinshan South Road section 3. Turn right at Wenzhou Street and turn left at 18 Alley, Wenzhou Street. Turn left at Taishun Street and turn right at 38 Alley, Taishun Street. Keep straight on Longchan Street and will arrive. The traveling time is around 8 minutes.

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