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Taiwan University campus
Taiwan University campus

Taiwan University is founded 1928. During Japanese colonial period, it was called “Taipei Imperial University.” It was renamed “National Taiwan University” in 1945. Taiwan University is the first university which has complete academy and longest history. On the other hand, it is the representative of comprehensive institution of higher education. It is responsible for advanced academic research and teaching. It emphasizes the basic theory of pure academic research and advocates the academic thinking. It starts to develop the humanities, social science, biological science, and physical science. NTU has a wide campus. The total area dominates 1% of Taiwan. Most people are familiar with its campus in Taipei Gongguan. The nearest distance is only 130 meters from the right front side of Civil Service Development Center. To the front door of NTU is only 500 meters. There are famous twelve Kings in NTU and Gongguan district owns nine Kings which are NTU Library, Drunk Moon Lake, Royal Palm Boulevard and old campus, Fu Bell, Main Gate, Fu Garden, ecological pool, Zhoushan Road, farmland, and three pine trees.

How to go
Turn right after out of Civil Service Development Center. Keep south and follow the direction of Shinshan South Road till Roosevelt Road. NTU gate is on your site. Total is 500 meters and traveling time is 7 minutes.

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