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CSDI Programs

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This site is in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), following the norms of barrier-free web design to provide navigation points (:::), Site Navigator, AccessKeys, and other such design methods. Following the WCAG, this site's content is divided into three big blocks :
1.) Main Menu (Top)  2.) Sub Menu (Left)  3.) Main Content (Center) 

The Accesskeys used by this site are as follows:
Alt+U:>Main Menu (Top). This block includes main menu links.
Alt+L :Sub Menu (Left). This block includes the sub menus of the main menu. After pressing the keyboard shortcuts, it will jump to the left menu.
Alt+C:Main Content (Center). This block includes the main page content, which are introduced below.

In order to ensure the accessibility of the site, each page features common keyboard shortcuts. Other keyboard settings are as follows :

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